Large steel cross-member hoisted into position on New Central Library project

Quebec sub-contractor SuperMetal delivers 100,000-pound steel section

For all you structural engineers and construction buffs out there, today’s a great day to geek out!

Today in Calgary’s East Village, CMLC, Stuart Olson and subcontractor SuperMetal of Quebec are installing the largest steel cross-member of the Truss 4 support system for Calgary’s New Central Library. The Truss 4 support system – one of five truss systems that will form the building’s structural framework – comprises a total of 13 cross members. Of the 13, the section set in place today is the largest.

Measuring 75 feet (23 metres) in length and tipping the scales at around 100,000 pounds (45,000 kilograms), this gargantuan truss component is made up of 4-inch steel plates laminated together to create one solid section. To lift the huge cross-member into position, the crew is using a tandem lift – one mobile crane and a tower crane – with a combined lifting capacity of approximately 275,000 tons (250 tonnes)!

“The construction program for the New Central Library has been in full swing since vertical construction began almost a year ago,” says Michael Brown, CMLC President & CEO. “Last week we initiated installation of the building’s curtain wall, and this week we’re engineering one of the larger truss systems that form the building’s structural frame. Every week, it seems, there’s another construction milestone to celebrate!”

With the massive 100,000-lb cross-member in place, the remaining cross-members of the Truss 4 system can be positioned and welded in place. This welding program will take approximately six to eight weeks.

Imagined as a mixed-use, amenity-rich master-planned neighbourhood in the downtown core, East Village will be home to more than 11,000 residents upon completion in 2027. With local amenities like RiverWalk, St. Patrick’s Island, the New Central Library, National Music Centre and an urban shopping centre, East Village has become a highly desirable neighbourhood in Calgary’s downtown core.

For more information about CMLC and its redevelopment successes in East Village, visit www.calgarymlc.ca.  Visit our library construction webcam at www.yycnewcentrallibrary.com/progress.