You may have noticed a lot of activity on the New Central Library site lately. Our curtain wall exterior is going up quickly and the structural steel (building frame) is changing the shape of the building daily.  Our construction pace is picking up as we plan to have the library open and ready for public enjoyment in Q4, 2018.

To this end, our teams are now preparing to do double-time! The attached notice describes that from Sept. 21 to Nov. 10, 2016 we will be extending our work shifts to 0200 hrs. (Yes, that’s either very early or really late, depending on your point of view!). The extra shift is designed to accommodate our steel installation program (welding and fitting).

So while you may hear us working late at night, rest assured we will not be in conflict with the allowable noise levels of the Community Standards Bylaw. Please call us with any concerns - 403-718-0300.