Every material chosen for the library has a specific function that goes far beyond its looks - although the aesthetic is extremely important as well! Natural wood adds warmth to floors, wooden ceiling slats add dimension to ceilings, polished concrete is sharp and modern, metal mesh hides infrastructure and allows light to pass through… The materials chosen are many and endlessly varied, and all contribute to the sustainability, energy saving, and constraints of our unique climate.

Here are a few materials you’ll see in the NCL:

  • Ceramic Tile The form of the hexagonal tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom cleverly recall the shapes of the library’s outdoor walls. Coloured tiles will indicate your location within the library.
  • Low Iron Glazing with 40% of the NCL in glass, low-iron content glass allows for clear views and a natural appearance. The glass is triple glazed to reduce heat loss and solar gain throughout the year.
  • Wood Slat The theatre and atrium will have walls and ceilings connected with wood slats, giving the appearance of one continuous material. The entry gateway also has a wood clad surface.