Is Chihaya in love with Arata?

Is Chihaya in love with Arata?

her only love is karuta and she even said in that hospital “I love karuta and I love arata” which kinda hinted her love for arata is only limited till karuta. And her admiration for him she might be confusing it with love. and still is madly in love with her and not just the karuta side but the whole Chihaya.

Does Mishima know who the phantom thieves are?

Mishima idolizes the protagonist as a cool superhero, most likely viewing the protagonist as his “savior” from his abuse under Kamoshida. He quickly realizes that the protagonist is a member of the Phantom Thieves.

Who is the best girl to date in Persona 5?

Persona 5 Royal: The Best (& Worst) Romances

  • 4 (Best) Ann.
  • 5 (Worst) Kawakami.
  • 6 (Best) Makoto.
  • 7 (Worst) Chihaya.
  • 8 (Best) Haru.
  • 9 (Best) Kasumi.
  • 10 (Worst) Ohya. Ohya is an unremarkable, drunk, and bad journalist.
  • 11 (Best) Futaba. Futaba is an unusual character in the fact that she actually asks you to steal her heart.

Does Mishima always rank up?

You automatically rank up almost every time you spend time with Mishima, so the choices you make in conversation don’t affect the results. As such, you also don’t need to have a Moon arcana Persona because of that. Mishima can be found at night, first in Shibuya, then in Shinjuku, and then in Akihabara.

Where does Mishima start?

Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Where is Kawakami?

After that, you can find Kawakami outside the Faculty Lounge on the second floor of Shujin Academy, where you’ll be able to ask for her phone number. If the protagonist’s Guts are at Rank 2 or higher, you can call her and gain Kawakami as a Confidant.

How old is Joker in p5?


Who is the youngest Danganronpa character?

Tanaka Gundham

Does Sonia have a crush on Gundham?

Sonia was the only one to successfully make Gundham visually blush, and Sonia sees Gundham as ‘cool’ or ‘amazing’, implying that they are romantically interested in each other.

Who is best girl in Danganronpa?


Who is the best girl in Persona 4?

Chie Satonaka

How old is Chihaya?

Chihaya is probably still very young, maybe only 20. Her backstory seems to indicate she left her hick town around 18ish and it hasn’t been that long for her in Tokyo. But then Sae is apparently only 24 despite that being virtually impossible to finish law school and clearly have some years in the profession.

Will there be a Danganronpa 4?

The series’ creator has left, so it’s unlikely. He had the vision he wanted to carry the Danganronpa trilogy to its end (this is also me saying V3 is the last in the trilogy, without spoiling some things).

Why is Haru the best girl?

Haru’s outfit matches with her ideals, she idolized those heroes and with her upbringing it makes sense for her symbol of rebellion and justice to be a musketeer. It also makes for an interesting contrast with her Persona, Milady de Winter who was a major antagonist to the Three Musketeers.

Where does Yukio Mishima start?

Yukio Mishima: start with The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea. Yasunari Kawabata: start with either Snow Country or Palm of the Hand Stories. Eiji Yoshikawa: read Musashi, and check out Vagabond for the same story in manga form.

Who is best girl in persona?

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 waifus of the whole Persona series.

  1. 1 Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)
  2. 2 Makoto Niijima (Persona 5)
  3. 3 Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3)
  4. 4 Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)
  5. 5 Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
  6. 6 Aigis (Persona 3)
  7. 7 Ann Takamaki (Persona 5)
  8. 8 Sadayo Kawakami (Persona 5)

Can you get laid in Persona 5?

Persona 5 is different though. But in Persona 5, it is straight up. You can date older women, kiss them, and even (in the game’s own sweet little off-camera way) sleep with them.

Who is Joker’s Canon girlfriend?

Kasumi Yoshizawa

Who is the ugliest Danganronpa character?

Top 10 Ugliest Danganronpa Characters

  • 14 142. 128. 7Byakuya Togami.
  • 13 143. 130. 8Kazuichi Soda.
  • 13 152. 139. 9Sakura Ogami.
  • 12 140. 128. 10Kiyotaka Ishimaru.
  • 10 107. 12Junko Enoshima. suggested by・l a z y s a l a d ・
  • 10 160. 150. 13Gundham Tanaka.
  • 1 59. 14Tenko. suggested byCosmic PoP.
  • 0 0. 15Ryoma Hoshi. suggested byEzekiel.

Who is the smartest Danganronpa character?

Danganronpa: The 10 Best Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

  • 8 Byakuya Togami.
  • 7 Kyosuke Munakata.
  • 6 Nagito Komaeda.
  • 5 Kokichi Ouma.
  • 4 Shuichi Saihara.
  • 3 Junko Enoshima.
  • 2 Kyoko Kirigiri.
  • 1 Izuru Kamakura.

Who influenced Japanese literature?

Origin of Japanese Literature Early works were very influenced by China and Chinese literature. Despite this heavy influence, Japan quickly developed its own style in literature. When Japan reopened its ports to Western trading in the 19th century, Western and Eastern literature began to strongly affect each other.

How old is Kawakami?


Who is the best girl in Persona 3?

After almost 650 votes, we finally have a decisive r/megaten best Persona girl!…

  • First place goes to Mitsuru Kirijo!
  • Second goes to Aigis!
  • And third goes to Yukari!
  • 4th: Female Protagonist.
  • 5th: Elizabeth.
  • 6th: Fuuka Yamagishi.
  • 7th: Chihiro Fushimi.
  • 8th: Yuko Nishiwaki.