What are 5 facts about South America?

What are 5 facts about South America?

General Facts about South AmericaTotal Population: 428 million people.Largest city: Sao Paulo (Brazil)Life expectancy: 72 (males) 79 (females)Highest Mountain: Aconcagua (6962 meters above the sea)Land area: square kilometers (6,890,000 square miles)Largest Lake: Lake Titicaca.Longest River: Amazon River.

What is special about South America?

South America is home to some of the most amazing geographical features including the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin and Rainforest, the Brazilian Highlands, the Pampas plain, the Pantanal wetlands and the Guiana Highlands. It is believed that until about 225 million years ago Africa and South America were joined.

How would you describe South America?

South America is a continent in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. It is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean; North America and the Caribbean Sea lie to the northwest.

What are the two best known features of South America?

The main two physical features of South America are the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River.

What is famous in South America?

1. Machu Picchu. A now abandoned 15th century Incan citadel, Machu Picchu is arguably the most recognizable and most well known attraction in South America. The ancient city is hidden high in the clouds of Andes in Peru, and has attracted travelers for years.

What are 3 interesting facts about South America?

Atacama desert is the driest place in South America. Angel Falls are the world’s highest waterfalls. Amazon River Basin is the world’s largest river basin. The Andes are the world’s longest mountain range.

What food is South America known for?

Popular South American dishesAjiaco colombiano: Colombian chicken and vegetable stew.Anticuchos: Peruvian beef kebabs.Arepas: Cornmeal flat cakes popular in Colombia.Arroz chaufa de mariscos: Peruvian fried rice withseafood.Arroz con camarones: Colombian rice pilaf with shrimp.

Which country in South America has the highest crime rate?


Why is South America so popular?

It’s not hard to be mesmerized by all that South America has to offer – majestic waterfalls, dense Amazonian jungles, unparalleled cuisine, wildlife both fascinating and mysterious — and with more flights to the region than ever before, it’s becoming easier to plan an unforgettable experience to this continent.

Why is South America so bad?

Latin America is caught in a vicious circle, where economic growth is thwarted by high crime rates, and insufficient economic opportunity contributes to high crime. Crime and violence thrives as the rule of law is weak, economic opportunity is scarce, and education is poor.

What is the most beautiful country in South America?

The most beautiful countries of South AmericaChile. The longest noodle in the world. Bolivia. Indian heart of South America. Peru. South American beauty. Brazil. State of Carnival, Football and the Amazon Forest. Argentina. Hot tango and juicy steaks. Venezuela. Country full of table mountains and Orinoco. Ecuador. South America in miniature. Colombia.

What is the best country in South America to visit?

Best Places to Visit in Central and South AmericaArgentine Patagonia.Machu Picchu.Rio de Janeiro.Costa Rica.Chilean Patagonia.Galapagos Islands.Cusco.Torres del Paine National Park.

What are the top 5 places to visit in the world?

World’s Best Places to VisitSouth Island, New Zealand.Paris.Bora Bora.Glacier National Park.London.Maui.Tahiti.Tokyo.

Where should I start traveling to South America?

South America trip planner: 8 incredible routesSouthern Patagonian Andes: Argentina & Chile. Inca heartland: Bolivia and Peru. Under the volcanoes: Ecuador & the Galápagos. Costa Verde: Southern Brazil. Birdlife on the wild side: Colombia. Overland adventure: Venezuela & the Guianas. Beaches and beyond: Uruguay. Gran Chaco & the ‘other’ Pantanal: Paraguay.

Is South America dangerous?

The risk of traveling to every country in South America, according to the US State Department. The US State Department ranks countries as levels 1 through 4, from least dangerous to most dangerous. While Venezuela is the most risky level 4, the rest of the countries in South America are levels 1 or 2.

Which South American countries are dangerous?

It’s said that Colombia and Venezuela are the most dangerous countries, while countries further south like Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay is regarded as the safest countries to visit in South America.

Where is safe to visit South America?

If you’re a fan of statistics then you may find it interesting to learn that, generally speaking, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador are considered the safest countries for tourists to visit whilst a few issues have been sporadically reported in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Which Central American country is the most dangerous?

Several countries in Central America and the Caribbean registered some of the highest homicide rates in the Latin American region in 2018. El Salvador ranked first, with nearly 52 homicides committed per 100,000 inhabitants. Jamaica came in second, with 43.9 homicides per 100,000 people.

What is the most violent country?

Global Peace Index rankings (2008–2020)Country2019 rank2017 rankIceland11New Zealand22Portugal33Austria449

What is the most dangerous country in the Caribbean?