What are some good attention getters for an essay?

What are some good attention getters for an essay?

Quotation Hook.The Interesting Question Hook. An interesting question hook is when you ask a question that relates to your essay or paper. The Strong Statement/Declaration Hook. The Fact/ Statistic Hook. The Metaphor / Simile Hook. The Story Hook. The Description Hook. The Quotation Hook.

How do you write an attention getter for a persuasive essay?

Check out the suggestions and examples and consider giving your favorite a try in your next paper.Ask a Question. Have you ever wondered why _____? Tell a Story. She walked to the storeTell a Joke. Funny attention getters can be very effective when used correctly. Use Comparisons.

How do you capture your audience in 30 seconds?

12 Ways to Hook an Audience in 30 SecondsUse a contrarian approach. Ask a series of rhetorical questions. Deliver a compelling sound bite. Make a startling assertion. Provide a reference to a historical event. Use the word imagine. Add a little show business. Arouse curiosity.