What did one pearl buyer prevent?

What did one pearl buyer prevent?

The Pearl Novella John Steinbeck Grade 9 Chapter 1-6

Multiple choice
Why did the buyers say they could not offer Kino a high price for his pearl? it was too big
What did having one pearl buyer prevent? competition
How far away is the capital? 1,000 miles
What does Juana want to do with the pearl in this chapter? throw it away

What happens when Kino goes to sell his pearl?

The third offered another deal, for five hundred pesos. Kino left to go to the capital because he knew he was being cheated because the pearl cost fifty thousand pesos. What happened when Kino went to sell his pearl? He got angry, followed her, and beat her until he got the pearl back.

Why does Juana follow Kino on his path of life even if she disagrees with some of his choices?

Why does Juana follow on his path of life even if she disagrees with some of his choices? She thinks that she can calm his madness down and she also wants to respect and support his decisions. Kino has allowed the Pearl to take over his life at the expense of everything else in his life.

What is the pearl buyers trick?

The pearl buyer’s trick of rolling the coin through his fingers is symbolic of his “trickery” with money. Kino is aware that the pearlbuyers are in league with each other, but he decides to give them a try; perhaps they will unexpectedly give him a fair price.

What happened in the first chapter of the Pearl?

When Coyotito shakes the rope of the hanging box, the scorpion falls, lands on his shoulder, and stings him. Kino immediately seizes the creature and crushes it in his grasp, beating it to death on the floor for good measure. Kino’s retribution does no good, though, and Coyotito screams with pain.

What awakens Kino from his sleep?

What awakens him from his sleep? He means that Kino is being driven by instinct inside of him. He knows that people are after him and his pearl so he is hyper, aware, and ready to defend. Steinbeck says Kino was being moved by “some animal thing.” What does he mean by this?

What are the conflicts in Chapter 1 of the Pearl?

Three conflicts found within the book would be Coyotito (the child) being bitten by the scorpion, the greed of the doctor and his disregard for the poisoned child, and the hunt for wealth, landing on the dark pearl that could solve everything.

What does Kino see in the Pearl now?

Kino stares at the pearl to read his future. He lies to Juana, telling her that he sees a rifle, a marriage in a church, and an education for Coyotito. In truth Kino sees a body bleeding on the ground, Juana making her way home through the night after being beaten, and Coyotito’s face swollen as though he were sick.

What does Juana try to do with the Pearl?

Juana tries to throw the pearl into the sea because she thinks that the pearl is evil and that it is going to destroy them. Kino slaps Juana and kicks Juana to get the pearl from her.

Does the baby in the Pearl die?

In the book Coyotito (the baby) dies, in the movie Coyotito lives.

What do the pearl buyers symbolize in the Pearl?

The buyer basically represents capitalism in its most corrupted, least functional form. Think of him as a Monopoly Man with devil horns.

Why did Kino and Juana walk side by side?

Expert Answers Normally, when the two walk together, Kino is ahead of Juana. But now they walk side by side, as if their tragic loss has brought them together in adversity. As they walk through the town, it’s as if no one and nothing else exists.

Why does Kino throw the pearl into the water?

The pearl was to have secured for Coyotito a good education and for Kino, a good rifle. Kino does enter the town carrying a rifle but this, in terms of the death of his son, is completely meaningless. Kino and Juana go straight to the Gulf, where Kino gives her the pearl to throw away.

How did Kino die?

Suddenly, Coyotito lets out a cry that wakes one of the sleeping trackers. At first, they wonder if it could possibly be the cry of a human, or whether it is simply the cry of a coyote. Unbeknownst to Kino, the bullet hits and kills Coyotito.