What does Uncle Carlos want Starr to do?

What does Uncle Carlos want Starr to do?

Uncle Carlos, a police officer, wants Starr to testify to the police about the shooting. Uncle Carlos insists the shooting wasn’t about race because Khalil was a drug dealer who threatened One-Fifteen. He asks Lisa why they still live in Garden Heights and why Starr was in the car with a drug dealer.

What is Starr’s biggest weapon?

The most powerful weapon the police have is the authority given to them by the state. Starr is encouraged to use her weapon – her voice. She courts danger from the police and within her own community if she speaks up.

What does Starr realize about Uncle Carlos during the interview?

Starr realizes this must have been Carlos. In her outrage, she furthers notes that interview has “killed” a part of her—the part afraid of speaking out. Starr knows that, as two unarmed black children, she and Khalil were in a decidedly less powerful position than One-Fifteen during their encounter.

Why does Starr call the cop 115?

Even after learning his real name is Brian Cruise, Starr thinks of the police officer who shot Khalil as One-Fifteen. By referring to him only by badge number, Starr reduces One-Fifteen to a symbol of racism in the system of law enforcement.

Why is Uncle Carlos at home in the middle of a workday?

Uncle Carlos is home because he is on leave. “Look, I’m on leave,” says Uncle Carlos. “You don’t have to worry about me getting information out of you.”

Why are Starr and Uncle Carlos so close?

Starr is very close to Uncle Carlos and sees him as a father figure, but her father (Maverick) thinks that his brother-in-law should not be a role model for his children, as he is constantly trying to teach them to assimilate to white culture instead of teaching them to embrace their identity and individuality.

What promise does Uncle Carlos make that causes Starr to agree to letting the detectives interview her?

Carlos asks her if she would like to speak to the police. Starr is reluctant, but agrees because Carlos promises that it will help Khalil get justice. After Carlos leaves, Starr’s father angrily remarks that Carlos was pressuring Starr.

Why was Khalil pulled over?

One-Fifteen says he has pulled them over for a broken taillight and asks where they are coming from, to which Khalil responds with “nunya.” One-Fifteen demands that Khalil get out of the car, pins his arm behind his back, and proceeds to search him.

How does Starr code switch at school?

Throughout the book, Starr talks about how she’s different “versions” of herself. She’s one person in Garden Heights and a different person at her school, Williamson Prep. This is often called “code-switching” when a person feels they must speak and act different in one social situation than in another.

What happens at the end of the hate you give book?

The ending of the book explores how Starr has changed from the beginning. Her tragic experience has forever shaped her life; the images of her friends being killed can never be forgotten. Yet, Starr manages to remain positive.

What is Starrs nickname?

Why was Starr’s nickname “munch”? Why did Hailey unfollow Starr on Tumblr?

What are the main events in The Hate U Give?

major conflict After a police officer shoots her friend, Khalil, Starr Carter must gain the courage and confidence within herself to testify before a grand jury to seek justice for his death. rising action After One-Fifteen shoots Khalil, Starr gives a statement to the police about what happened.

What does Starr memorize about the police officer?

Starr refers to the cop that shot Khalil as One-Fifteen. During the stop, Starr reminds herself of her father’s advice to remember what the cop looks like and his badge number. In the moment, the first thing Starr notices is the badge number: 115. Next, she assesses the way he looks.

Who is Uncle Carlos?

Carlos is Lisa’s older brother and a detective on the same police force as One-Fifteen. A second father figure to Starr, Carlos helped take care of the Carter children while Maverick was in jail—a fact that creates tension between him and his brother-in-law.

Why is Chris upset with Starr at prom?

Chris is hurt that there’s an aspect of Starr’s life she’s hidden from him. Starr explains that she’s afraid of people judging her for coming from “the ghetto.” Chris wants to know why she doesn’t trust him enough to give him the chance to prove her wrong.

How many times did Khalil get shot?

The officer instructs Khalil, who is black, to exit the car; while outside the car, Khalil leans into the driver-side window to check in on Starr. The officer then shoots Khalil three times, killing him.

Why does Starr blame herself for the riots?

The police will not arrest One-Fifteen. Starr blames herself for their inaction and the ensuing violence. Reporters emphasize Khalil’s drug dealing and gang connections, claiming there had been a gun in the car. Starr knows the King Lords won’t intervene to protect people who aren’t in the gang.