What is another word for bridge?

What is another word for bridge?

Synonyms forlink.overpass.platform.catwalk.extension.scaffold.span.viaduct.

What’s the opposite of bridge?

What is the opposite of bridge?detachdisconnectdisjoindisuniteleaveunfastenunlinkseparatedisengagedivide22

What is another word for bridge the gap?

What is another word for bridge the gap?tide oversustainstimulateperk upenvigorateUKbuoygive a lift tobrighten uppep upginger up19

What do you mean by bridging the gap?

to connect two things or to make the difference between them smaller: The president singled out education as a vital tool in bridging the gap between rich and poor. This collection of stories bridges the gap between history and fiction.

What does it mean to close the gap?

: to reduce or eliminate a difference between two people, groups, or things —often + betweenWe hope to close the gap between well-funded suburban schools and the struggling schools in poorer communities.

What is the meaning of burn one’s bridges?

Commit oneself to an irreversible course. For example, Denouncing one’s boss in a written resignation means one has burned one’s bridges, or Turning down one job before you have another amounts to burning your boats.

Who said May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way?

Dylan McKay

Where did the phrase burning bridges come from?

The terms burn one’s bridges and burn one’s boats have their origins in ancient Rome. Like many idioms, these phrases have a literal origin. It was a practice in Roman warfare to destroy bridges. Sometimes, these bridges were destroyed in order to stop the enemy from fleeing.

What to do when you’ve burned bridges?

Months ago, or maybe even years ago, you burned a bridge in business (or in life)….Here are a few ideas to seek restoration.Don’t just apologize or explain–make amends. Be ready to be specific about your mistakes. Keep the finger-pointing to a minimum. Don’t dwell on the problems. At least try.

How do you not burn a bridge?

Here’s some advice for how to avoid burning bridges in the workplace:Don’t take it personally. Whether you’re a manager whose staffer just gave notice or you’re a victim of downsizing, try not to take it to heart. Badmouthing will get you nowhere. You never know when you’ll meet again. You want a good reference.

What does don’t burn bridges mean?

(idiomatic) To destroy one’s path, connections, reputation, opportunities, etc., particularly intentionally. Even if you are dismissed from a job in the worst way, take care not to burn your bridges with unseemly comments on the way out, since you never know who you will meet again.

What does burnt bridges are hard to cross mean?

It means if the bridge has been burned to the ground, nobody would be able to cross it It also means that if a situation is unrepairable there is no sense trying to fix,, 30 views.

Is it OK to burn bridges?

You can burn your bridges without surrendering the high ground. This isn’t advice to be rude or unprofessional at work. The best thing you can do for your career is to work hard and be as nice as possible to everyone. But it is OK to leave bad jobs and toxic managers.

Do not burn bridges quote?

“Most people say never burn your bridges. I say if your bridges damage and cannot be repaired, may the bridges I burn light my way!” “Never burn your bridges till you come to them.”