What kind of adverb is hence?

What kind of adverb is hence?

Locative adverb

Demonstrative or interrogative “At” locative “From” locative
What Where Whence*
This Here Hence*
That There Thence*
Yon* Yond*

What is the antonym of hence?

What is the opposite of hence?

despite this despite that
yet irregardless
notwithstanding all the same
be that as it may in spite of everything
in any event still and all

What means by hence?

1 : from this place : away. 2a archaic : henceforth. b : from this time four years hence. 3 : because of a preceding fact or premise : therefore.

Is hence an adjective?

hence adverb (THEREFORE)

How do you use in addition to phrases?

We use “In addition to” followed by a noun / pronoun or V ing. In addition to basketball, I’m good at volleyball. Fernando can speak English and French in addition to Spanish. Our music teacher is such a talented musician that she can play the guitar, the violin in addition to Saxophone.

What type of phrase is in addition?

The phrase ‘in addition’ is not a prepositional phrase. The phrase ‘in addition to’ functions as a preposition in a sentence.

What does the phrase in addition to mean?

1. used for saying that something extra exists or is happening together with the thing that you are talking about. In addition to the twins, Jason has another child by his first wife. Synonyms and related words.

How do you use hence and thus in a sentence?

can be rewritten using “thus” as follows:

  1. correct He is not satisfied. Thus, we must prepare a new proposal.
  2. correct He is not satisfied. Hence(,) we must prepare a new proposal.
  3. correct The two lines intersect. Therefore(,) they are not parallel.
  4. correct The trip was cancelled, so I visited my grandma instead.

How do you use the word hence?

‘Hence’ is typically used in a sentence to show a cause and effect relationship between two parts of a sentence: ‘Because this happened, hence this will now happen. ‘ In this way, it’s used in a similar way to words like ‘therefore,’ ‘thus,’ and ‘consequently.

What is the synonym of furthermore?

What is another word for furthermore?

moreover further
what’s more also
additionally and
in addition as well
too to boot

Do we use comma after hence?

When “hence” begins a sentence, it has a comma after it. Talking about opening a sentence with “hence”, the sentence can come only if there’s a cause before it. There are also sentences that have no commas anywhere near “hence”.