What was the title of Prospero twelve years ago?

What was the title of Prospero twelve years ago?

Answer. Explanation: Twelve years ago the events of the play ,prospero was the duke of milan.

Is death meaningful in Full fathom five thy father lies?

Answer. The death described in the poem Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies is a meaningful one. Usually, when somebody dies drowning into the sea, the dead body is either eaten up by sea creatures or gets decayed. But the dead body of Ferdinand’s father has neither decayed nor has been eaten up by the sea creatures.

Who is Alonso’s son?


What would Miranda have done if she had power?

‘ What would have she done? Miranda says that if she had any divine powers, she would have sunk the sea inside the earth before it had swallowed the ship and the people traveling in it.

Is Ariel from The Tempest a boy or a girl?

Ariel is widely viewed as a male character, although this view has wavered over the years, especially in the Restoration when, for the most part, women played the role.

What does the poem Full fathom five mean?

completely sunk into despair

What does Ariel’s song tell Ferdinand about the fate of his father?

It implicitly addresses Ferdinand who, with his father, has just gone through a shipwreck in which the father supposedly drowned. It is the origin of the identically worded catchphrase, which means “at a depth of five fathoms [of water]” and thus, in most evocations, drowned and lost as the father is.

How did Ariel become Prospero’s servant?

Ariel is Prospero’s spirit servant. Ariel became Prospero’s slave thanks to Sycorax, a witch (and Caliban’s mother) who was on the island before Prospero. Sycorax trapped Ariel in a tree because he wouldn’t follow her orders. In contrast with many of the The Tempest’s human characters, Ariel is empathetic.

What does Miranda remember about her past?

The action moves to an island, where we meet Prospero and his daughter, Miranda. He asks if she remembers a time before they were on the island, and she says yes. This surprises Prospero, because she was only three years old then, but she clearly remembers that she used to have four or five women that took care of her.

Is Prospero Miranda’s real father?


Who said Full fathom five thy father lies?

William Shakespeare

How is Prospero as a father?

I believe that although Prospero made some wrong decisions he shows great love and care to Miranda, giving a great example of a loving father. For instance, when Miranda sees the shipwreck, she pleads her father to stop before anyone gets hurt, showing her kindness even to those she does not know (Shakespeare 1.2.

What is Miranda’s relationship to Caliban?

Miranda is the daughter of Prospero, one of the main characters of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. She was banished to the Island along with her father at the age of three, and in the subsequent twelve years has lived with her father and their slave, Caliban, as her only company.

Who is the monster in The Tempest?