Why I am a pagan summary?

Why I am a pagan summary?

In Why I Am a Pagan, Zitkala-Sa depicts vividly how the voice of the white-American majority has swallowed the one of the Native-American community. Interestingly, at the same time, that voice of the American aborigines plays as their finest weapon to defend against the assimilation of America.

What does Zitkala SA mean?

Zitkala-Sa, (Lakota: Red Bird) birth name Gertrude Simmons, married name Gertrude Bonnin, (born Febru, Yankton Sioux Agency, South Dakota, U.S.died Janu, Washington, D.C.), writer and reformer who strove to expand opportunities for Native Americans and to safeguard their cultures.

What picture does Zitkala A scratch out of a book?

One day after a teacher tells Zitkala-a about the devil, she has a terrifying dream about him that night. The next day she uses a pencil to scratch the eyes out of the illustration of the devil in a book of Bible stories.

What school did Zitkala SA go to?

New England Conservatory of Music1897am College1897

Who was Judewin?

Judwin was a girl who came from Zitkala’s village to the hostel along with zitkala. She said that she had heard the staff, a pale faced women talking about cutting their long locks of hair. She was the one informed her the decision of the authorities to cut off her long hair.

What did Zitkala SA find?

Zitkala- Sa is a Native American who finds that the people who have overpowered the natives are out to destroy their culture. She notices the discrimination against Native American culture and women.

How was Zitkala sa different from other Native American?

How was Zitkala Sa different from the other native American students? Zitkala Sa was a native American girl. She had great love for her tradition and culture. She held closer to her heart these beliefs and felt hurt when the rest of the girls followed the foreign culture without any hesitation.

Why is Zitkala uncomfortable?

It is because she was not much aware about the table manners which were used there. All pupils were pulled out the chairs on the bells they were standing, but she pulled her chair and sat. She saw others and started to stand and in a second bell all pupils sat down. This was confusing and embarrassing for her.

How did Zitkala SA feel when her long hair was cut?

Zitkala-Sa felt rather anguished and indignant when her long hair was cut. She lost her spirit and felt as helpless as a puppet. With her hair being shingled like a coward’s, she moaned in anguish. She also felt she had lost her distinct cultural recognition and identity.

How was she forced to part with her long and heavy hair?

She was forcefully dragged out of her hiding place and tied to a chair. Despite her yelling and screaming they cut her hair as per school norms.

What made Bama shriek with laughter?

Answer: Answer. While walking back home from school, Bama saw an elder of her street walking towards the landlord, carrying a food packed by its strings without touching it. This made her shriek with laughter.

What did Bama experience untouchability?

Bama experienced untouchablity on the day she was reutrning from school when the old man was carrying a huge parcel by only holding thin strings attached to it for his master. When she got him her brother told abt the untouchability the lower castes such as them expeirence by the world.

What were the indignities that Zitkala SA had suffered since the day she was taken from her mother?

Answer Expert Verified Zitkala-sa had to suffer many indignities on account of belonging to marginalized community. She had been stared at; she had been thrown here and there like a puppet; her blanket and moccasins had been taken from her; she had to wear tight fitting clothes; and finally her hair was shingled.

What does eating by formula mean?

By ‘eating by formula’, Zitkala-Sa meant the discipline that the pupils at the school had to follow, Everything from entering the room, to drawing chairs, to getting seated and finally picking up fork and spoon to start eating, was timed and regulated by commands to do so through buzzing the bell.

What is eating by formula in memories of childhood?

“Eating by Formula”, Zitkala Sa means a set pattern of eating. Accordingly there goes a long bell and the children move in lines to the dinning room. Then there goes another small bell and all the pupils will draw a chair from under the table. After that there goes the third bell.

What distracted Bama most on her way back to school?

Answer. On her way back from school, Bama got attracted by the little trivialities on the street. The buzzing market, the snake charmers, the lemurs in cages etc., all caught her attention. Thus, it took Bama thirty minutes to return from school, when she could have covered this distance in ten minutes.

What lesson do you learn from the episode we too are human beings?

8:- What lesson do you learn from the episode “We too are human Beings”? A. 8:- “We too are human beings” teaches us the lesson that all human beings are equal and each one of us has human dignity, honor and self respect.

What did the cutting of long hair of Zitkala SA symbolize in the lesson?

She spent her rest of the life there like a small animal being a part of a herd, which was driven by a herder. 1. Zitkala-sa was a victim of social & cultural oppression by the victors who had overpowered them by their sheer strength. The cutting of the long hair of Zitkala-sa was a symbol of their oppression.

Why does the author feel spirit tore itself in struggling for its lost freedom all was useless?

She was aching to get out of this situation, her spirit was struggling within for the lost freedom but she knew that struggle was futile because she would have to survive all the obstacles that came her away, escape was not an option. She would have to live it down.

How did Annan’s advice to his sister Bama impact her?

Answer: (d) Annan told his sister Bama that they were born into the untouchable caste and they did not have any honor or dignity. The only way to earn their due respect was to go ahead in life by studying hard. She stood first in her class and this gained her the respect of people as well as friends.