Does William and Mary have supplemental essays?

Does William and Mary have supplemental essays?

William & Mary only has one supplemental essay! And it’s optional! William & Mary may refer to this essay as an optional opportunity, but take a closer look. The prompt is all about the things that make you stand out and there is no way a bare minimum application is going to stand out to admissions.

Is William and Mary hard to get into?

It is not as difficult to get into as a private Ivy League school, but it isn’t easy either. In 2018, the acceptance rate at William & Mary was 37%.

What is Ivy League mean?

US. the Ivy League a group of eight universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth College, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale) that have similar academic and social prestige in the US to Oxford and Cambridge in Britain. (as modifier)an Ivy-League education.

Is Cornell a bad school?

Cornell is a great school with pros and cons just like any other school. It isn’t. It is highly rated in a multitude of academic areas, and had been for many decades, but if you can’t do better than that for a question, it probably isn’t for you.