How do I learn about myself?

How do I learn about myself?

7 Ways To Get To Know YourselfGet To Know Your Personality. Firstly, let’s look at understanding your core personality. Get To Know Your Core Values. Get To Know Your Body. Journal. Identify Your Strengths And Weaknesses. Have A Life Vision And Mission. Question Your Automatic Thoughts.

How can I find my self?

6 Steps to Discover Your True SelfBe quiet. You cannot and will not be able to know yourself until you take the time to be still. Realize who you truly are, not who you want to be. Find what you are good at (and not good at). Find what you are passionate about. Ask for feedback. Assess your relationships.

How can I be happy in 2020?

20 Ways To Be A Happier Person In 2020, According To TherapistsConquer one anxiety. Lock down a sleep schedule that works for you. Find one small self-care act that works for you and prioritize it. Spend 10 minutes a day outside. Regularly practice a simple mindfulness exercise. Say nice things about yourself. Give up or cut back on one unhealthy habit. Find a physical activity you love.