How many points do you need for IB?

How many points do you need for IB?

24 points

How many UCAS points is an IB worth?


Is 25 a good IB score?

Even though 25-27 is a passing score, some competitive IB schools could refuse to give you a diploma because a result in this range would harm their average. 28-29: A bit better, but still quite far from something most people would call good.

How hard is IB history?

It takes a lot of work, specially memorizing all the historical facts and elements you need to use for the exam. As a final recommendation, I suggest you to write down an IB History fact for every section you are studying. IB History HL is hard, perhaps the hardest social science class in the IB curricula.

Can you do 7 IB subjects?

A lot of IB DP schools won’t let you… some do, just depending on the class. If you REALLY want to commit to 7 subjects you will need to have a serious conversation with whoever is in charge of helping with scheduling and class assignments.