How widely the usage of essay writing services is prevalent among students?

How widely the usage of essay writing services is prevalent among students

For many students as well as for schoolchildren home task in the form of the essay becomes an obstacle on their way to getting a degree or a school certificate. At this very moment they choose one of these options:

  • Ask parents/elder brothers or sisters for help;
  • Ask friends (low chance of success);
  • Surfing the net hoping to find an essay on the same topic;
  • Library/specialized websites (somewhere in a galaxy far);
  • Apply to essay writing services.

What does the statistic show?

There is a transparent line between cheating and usage of essay writing services. In most schools and universities it`s considered as a fraud and plagiarism. Moreover, some forms of examination presuppose essay writing. As well as we can appeal to the statistic. It shows that:

  • 64% of students and schoolchildren have cheated at least once;
  • 58% admitted to plagiarism;
  • 95% said they participated in some form of cheating.

Giving the fact, that usage of essay writing services and cheating are provoked by the same reasons, we can consider this statistic both for cheating and for the subject of this article. But these percents are rather approximate than real. Why? Because if we take into consideration all educational systems, we find that in some of them, such skill as the ability of student/schoolchild to write an essay is a crucial one. Their erudition, literacy and many other skills are checked this way.

What urges to use essay writing services?

To understand how many students use these services we should consider the factors urging them to do it. Due to these factors, we can obtain extra data which will let us reveal potential groups that can refer to the services of essay writers.

Talking about students, the situation is even worse. First courses presuppose vast diversity of general educational subject`s (philosophy, literature, history, e.t.c), which demand good writing skills. It should be noted that not every educational system provides an opportunity to choose subjects prior to will. Thus, especially students of technical specialities, not willing to harm their GPA are applying to the services of essay writers. Usage of essays writing services is also prevalent among students of humanitarian specialities. For example in many universities in order to be enrolled to journalist speciality, one has to write several essays dedicated to one or more themes.

Essay writing services

An interesting fact: the so-called industry of services providing essay writing is mostly spread in the western segment of the internet. Partially it follows from such thing as a cover letter, which isn`t so popular in other parts of the world. It is a common rule to require a job seeker to send a cover letter. For students or graduators, writing cover letters might be a difficult task, because they have never been done before. Of course they afraid to fail and start googling best essay writing service.

These websites are very attractive to all sorts of students:

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As it was already mentioned, they provide different kinds of services, mostly oriented on students and schoolchildren.


Essay writing services are very popular among students, not only statistic shows it, but known circumstances which every student faces. These circumstances make them search for the help of professional writers which provide their services on a reimbursable basis. The number of students using these services increases and it`s an inevitable process. Most teachers say that nowadays it`s getting harder and harder to evoke interest from students what directly leads to this form of cheating. Their interest shifts to a virtual world. They start searching for the tools which will let them get rid of the homework in the form of essay with a boring topic.