What are some problems with primary sources?

What are some problems with primary sources?

Possible Primary Sources Disadvantages: Some primary sources, such as eyewitness accounts, may be too close to the subject, lacking a critical distance. Others, such as interviews, surveys, and experiments, are time consuming to prepare, administer, and analyze.

What is a secondary light source?

1. A light source which is not self-luminous but receives light and redirects it as by reflection or transmission. 2. The second most important, or most obvious, source of light when several sources are present.

What is source light?

A light source is anything that makes light. There are natural and artificial light sources. A few examples of natural light sources include the Sun, stars and candles. A few examples of artificial light sources include light bulbs, lamp posts and televisions.

Which of the following is an example of primary source of light?

Daylight is the primary light source throughout the building, brought in through roof monitors, clerestories, light shelves and high performance glass.