What did the big three disagree on?

What did the big three disagree on?

Terms in this set (3) Therefore, he wanted Germany to be weak by harsh reparations and to divide it into independent states. Disagreed with Clemenceau because US WWI casualties were low. As he was an idealist, he thought that if Germany had a harsh treaty, they would seek revenge.

Why wasnt the League of Nations successful?

Why did the League of Nations fail? There had to be unanimity for decisions that were taken. Unanimity made it really hard for the League to do anything. The League suffered big time from the absence of major powers — Germany, Japan, Italy ultimately left — and the lack of U.S. participation.

How did Britain want to punish Germany?

Despite these disagreements, both Wilson and Lloyd George wanted a peace treaty that would punish Germany, but would not cripple it. This would enable Germany to pay its reparations to Britain. Also, Germany had been Britain’s number two trading partner (after the USA) before the war.

What if there was no Treaty of Versailles?

So, if the Treaty of Versailles did not have the harsh reparations clause, then there is a possibility that there would not have been the hyperinflation crisis in Germany. He would not have been able to eventually become dictator of Germany and lead Germany into World War II.

Why was the League of Nations a failure in 1930s?

The league obviously commanded no military power of its own. If Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States could not see their way to thwarting Hitler’s goals at the risk of war, as a matter of national interest, the league could not help them. If they would not help the league, it was impotent.

Was the League of Nations a failure?

The League of Nations was formed to prevent a repetition of the First World War, but within two decades this effort failed. Economic depression, renewed nationalism, weakened successor states, and feelings of humiliation (particularly in Germany) eventually contributed to World War II.

What would happen if Germany refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles?

The reason this matters is because the Germans were being starved into submission back home and refusing the treaty would have meant carrying on the war which would cause the blockade to continue while on land they had been forced to move out of France ,Alsace Lorraine and to the far side of the Rhine so a new …

Was the League of Nations an effective organization?

The League of Nations effectively resolved some international conflicts but failed to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War.