What does food for thought mean urban dictionary?

What does food for thought mean urban dictionary?

food for thought meaning: something worth thinking seriously about: . 0; noun food for thought (Idiomatic) Information or knowledge that is worthy of contemplation. Food for thought always involves something that can or should be mulled over or pondered.

What did the turtle do to teach the monkey a lesson?

The angry turtle decided to teach the greedy monkey a lesson. DEAD. The turtle decided to cut the dead monkey into pieces and sold his meat to other monkeys. The other monkeys decided to throw turtle into the water.

Why does the crocodile shout at his wife?

Answer : The crocodile shouted at his wife because she wanted to eat the heart of the monkey. Answer : The crocodile revealed the truth that he has brought the monkey to get killed in the middle of the river, where the current was the strongest.

Do as you like said the monkey what made the monkey say this?

Question 2: “Do as you like!” said the monkey. What made the monkey say this? Answer: Monkey said this because the golden bird told that what a monkey can teach her who was having a funny face.

What is the theme of the story the monkey and the turtle?

Versions of the story has a common theme of a weaker but cunning character (the tortoise or turtle) winning over a stronger adversary (the monkey).

What did the crocodile do with the fruit which the monkey gave him?

He made friends with a crocodile, gave him delicious fruits to eat and sent some for his wife. They met regularly and talked — the monkey in the tree and the crocodile on the ground. The monkey plucked some from the nearest branch and threw them down. The crocodile found them delicious.

What is the climax of the story the monkey and the turtle?

What is the climax in story The Monkey and the Turtle? The monkey volunteered to get the fruit for the turtle. The Turtle and the Monkey Hadassah Alysson F. Tesoro The Conclusion GUILTY!

What did the monkey want?

What did the monkey want? One day, there was a monkey. He wanted to cross a river. There he saw a crocodile so he asked the crocodile to take him across the other side of the river.

Why did the monkey make friends with the crocodile?

He wanted to have someone to talk to. One day, a crocodile came near that tree and the monkey offered him fruit to eat. The crocodile found it delicious and started coming daily. Soon they became very good friends.

What is the moral lesson of the story the monkey and the crocodile?

The monkey scampered up the tree to safety. He told the crocodile to tell his wicked wife that she had married the biggest fool in the world. Moral: Don’t underestimate yourself. There are bigger fools in this world.

Why was the monkey happy unhappy?

Why was the monkey happy/unhappy? Ans: The monkey was happy because he had plenty of sweet fruits to eat. He was unhappy because he was alone. He had no friend to talk to and share the fruits with.

Why did the monkey save himself?

The monkey saved himself by keeping a cool head and telling the crocodile that he had left his heart on the tree. The foolish crocodile took the monkey back to the river-bank, and on reaching there, the monkey climbed up to the safety of the tree.

What did the wife crocodile do to convince her husband to fulfill her wish?

Her husband tried to convince her that he and the monkey shared a true friendship. The crocodile’s wife thought to herself that if the monkey lived on a diet of rose monkeys, his flesh would be very sweet. So she asked the crocodile to invite the monkey to their house.