What is broadcast commentary?

What is broadcast commentary?

A commentary is a description of an event that is broadcast on radio or television while the event is taking place. He gave the listening crowd a running commentary.

What’s the meaning of commentary?

The definition of commentary is discussion of opinion about something that is going on, or a spoken account of some event as it is happening, or a set of notes or explanations about something. When a political pundit is discussing the president’s vote on a new bill, this is an example of political commentary.

Is a commentary a secondary source?

Secondary sources are created by scholars who interpret the past through the examination of primary sources and the research of others. They are typically the commentary about your topic.

Which of the following is a secondary legal source?

Secondary sources of law are background resources. They explain, interpret and analyze. They include encyclopedias, law reviews, treatises, restatements. Secondary sources are a good way to start research and often have citations to primary sources.

Is a statute a secondary source?

Secondary sources, such as Law Journals, Encyclopedias, and Treatises are a great place to start your legal research. Unlike primary materials (case law, statutes, regulations), secondary sources will help you learn about an area of law, and provide you with citations to relevant primary materials.